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The Xbox 360 that is present in 2013 bears little similarity to the console, which Microsoft started in 2005. It is so different, in actuality, it will help to think about the organization’s new Xbox One as a development. Not one of the Xbox 360 but of the one which exists now.

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During that eight-year interval, the Xbox 360 underwent radical transformations. In 2008, the”New Xbox Experience” delivered a new interface, customizable participant Avatars, eight-player celebration chat, and Netflix streaming. In 2010, the initial iteration of Kinect along with the platform’s gesture and voice controllers surpassed the 360 once more.

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That focus on amusement not diminished the Xbox 360’s gambling bona fides, besides. Between first-party exclusives such as Halo, third-party console exclusives such as Left 4 Dead and timed exclusives. Such as The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, the Xbox 360 never desired for matches.

Despite its own investment in amusement, the Xbox 360 was a video game console. But there was a feeling that the Xbox 360’s larger ambitions as a mainstream gateway for amusement. Which were controlled by hardware generated, before our present age of streaming video, smartphones and tablets?

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When analyzing the Xbox One, it might look familiar. That is exactly what Microsoft has been working toward all these years, demonstrating its hand as early as 2008. Despite its recognizable elements and theories, the Xbox One nonetheless handles a real sense of wonder, all without losing sight of this powerful gaming base the Xbox was constructed on.

But given the Xbox 360’s infamous reliability problems, it is somewhat reassuring the Xbox One has been given a lot of space to breathe. But in case you’re looking for subtlety, then this isn’t the games for you.

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